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Hammond B3 World is brought to you by Keyboard Exchange International. We wanted a site that would provide organ enthusiast's with information, articles and videos

Founder and President of Keyboard Exchange International Jim Huss recently realized that he has been passionate about Hammond organs for more than 50 years! Jim has been involved in the buying, selling, restoration of Hammond organs for almost 50 years as a family business as of this writing in 2016.

Rodney Huss grew up in the Hammond organ business and is taking over the day to day business activities. Working together, one of their goals is to surround themselves with other people who share their interest in preserving the traditional, tone wheel generator Hammond organs for the future. The staff of Keyboard Exchange International is a team of people with a common goal of preservation, restoration, and making these fine instruments available for generations to come. We wish to honor both Mr Hammond and Mr Leslie with our efforts, and play a part in preserving their legacy.

Preserving these fine instruments cannot be done by any one person or any one company, regardless of ambition or size. It will take a group effort of many, hopefully all who love and appreciate the wonderful sound of the tone wheel generator Hammond organs with Leslie speakers. We will continue to do our part and ask everyone to be aware of the need to preserve these instruments for the future.

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Are you an Artist that plays the Hammond Organ? We would like to showcase you and your music. Please email us a short bio, a picture and video (link to youtube preferred) to Jim Huss at b3buyer@aol.com and we will add you to our page! Thank you and God Bless.

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Hammond B3 World is brought to you buy Keyboard Exchange International. Are you looking to buy a Hammond Organ? You can view our current inventory of Hammond Organs for sale. If you need financing for your Hammond Organ we can help! We buy, sell, trade and restore Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers. Contact us at b3buyer@aol.com or 407-323-7493